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The best exercise for weight loss is actually a combination of aerobic exercise and weight training. Most people do one or the other. However, in order to both burn fat and gain muscle, which will result in better weight loss, the combination is necessary.

It is highly important to exercise for weight loss. Diet is equally important in the battle of the bulge, however, to keep the weight off longer and become a healthier individual, exercise is best. Studies show that weight loss increases by 56 percent when combined aerobic exercise and strength training. Of course, this makes sense since you are replacing the fat you lose with healthy muscle that, when used frequently, will burn those extra calories you may consume and keep your weight at a healthier level or even continue to help you lose weight.

Strength training benefits everyone, no matter what age or sex, and is becoming recognized as an important component of fitness. Research is indicating that the muscle loss found in elderly people doesn’t come from age, but lack of activity. Even a young person who doesn’t get enough exercise can lose muscle mass and strength. Strength training, such as lifting weights or performing weight-resistance exercises, as little as twice a week can help maintain or increase muscle mass. Strength training involving several sets of multiple repetitions using moderate weights will not result in huge muscles. Instead it builds bone mass and increases the metabolism, as well as toning and firming the muscles, giving a leaner look.

Exercise is important for weight loss for many reasons. The repetition of weight lifting and resistance training builds bone mass, increases metabolism and makes long, leaner looking muscles. Aerobic exercise builds strength in your heart and lungs, which in turn more effectively utilizes the oxygen in your body. Exercising for weight loss is also beneficial to diabetes sufferers. Exercise lowers blood sugar and helps the body’s cells accept insulin in the body better. Exercise can also help maintain a healthy blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Ultimately if you desire to lose your weight you need to strictly follow a well balanced diet and you should put yourself into a regular exercise regime, exercise is great for increasing your energy levels. If you are feeling better physically, you have more energy to go out and do more. You will become a more active individual with a more positive outlook on life.


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