The Holy Grail Body Transformation Review – Is It a Scam?

The Holy Grail Body Transformation ProgramThe two biggest desires of fitness oriented men and women is to get rid of excess fat and obtain muscle. Combining the two desires and achieving them with the exact same time is regarded to get the ultimate goal. This can be what Tom Venuto claims to be in a position to teach you inside Holy Grail Transformation program.

Tom Venuto is a well know natural bodybuilder, trainer, and nutrition expert. He became an internet phenomenon back in 2003 with the release of his renowned fat loss program: Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle, a program that has been referred to as a “fat loss bible”.

Tom Venuto, the fitness expert who created Holy Grail Body Transformation and has also helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their fitness goals, has compressed all the information he knows about simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain in his new training program. He has also proven with this system that losing body fat while gaining muscle mass at the same time is entirely possible when used with the right training program.

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The Holy grail is a nutrition and training system based on cyclical dieting – by planning periods of positive calorie balance and periods of negative energy balance you shift into and out of muscle building and fat burning. The net result over time is better body composition – more muscle and less fat. 

The program also shifts within-day calorie balance by providing more calories at specific times around workouts and this type of nutrient timing has a very anabolic (muscle-building effect). (also if you eat more at certain times, the food almost never gets stored as fat, so in the holy grail, “timing is everything”) 

Last but not least, everything in the program is designed to optimize hormones which improve “nutrient partitioning” (which is where nutrients GO TO to in a surplus – into fat or into muscle and where energy COMES FROM in a deficit). So the holy grail helps direct nutrients into muscle cells and pull fat out of fat cells. 

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program takes everyone’s goals into account. Everyone has different fitness goals so Tom Venuto has created 4 goals for you to choose from:

1. Focus on fat loss

2. Focus on Muscle Building

3. Focus on Fat Loss with a secondary goal of Building Muscle.

4. Focus on Building Muscle with a secondary goal of Losing Fat.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program also includes:

1. The science – In this section, Venuto gives an in depth look into why this system works from a scientific perspective.

2. Specific diet techniques, including how to alternate your diet within your day and week.

3. The third part contains the fundamental (yet often forgotten) basics of weight training and cardio.

4. Here he discusses the lifestyle of someone who really makes this work.

5. Sample meal plans, calorie calculators and more.

6. A complete walkthrough of the workout program.

This is what Tom Venuto teaches in this book: how to use workouts and nutritional methods such as cyclical dieting in the right way to produce concurrent fat loss and muscle gain. If you are interested in healthy way to lose excess fat and at the same time gain muscle, take a look at a new ebook “The Holy Grail Body Transformation”, here you will find the best way to be fit, healthy, and happy.

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