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JAC VapourJAC Vapour is a UK producer of electronic cigarettes and was founded in 2010. JAC produce a wide range of vaping gear and cater for beginner and intermediate vapers a-like. Their e-cigarettes are produced specifically for JAC and are extremely high quality. JAC Vapour is our favourite UK e-cig brand as they have a great range of products and are constantly bringing out new innovative products. Their latest variable voltage device, called the series-e, is a great example of their cutting edge innovation.

Created in the year 2010, this UK based company was formed to introduce a new world of smoking to its users. Ever since their inception, they have grown to become one of the leaders in the world of e-cigarettes and have totally revolutionized the way people consider the concept of e-cigarettes. It would be interesting to remark that the first three initials of the company’s name, ‘JAC’ have been derived from the word ‘Just like a Cigarette’, which conveniently means that you can expect the same quality, taste and a better vaping experience as you would normally expect with a traditional cigarette. However, the name was later modified as JACVapour had a better ring to it.

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JAC Vapour offers four basic types of starter kits. These include:

Solo Starter Kits

V3i Starter Kits

VGO2 AND EGO Starter Kits

JAC 510 Twist and VGO2 VV Starter Kits

Solo starter kit is ideal for new vapers who are just beginning their journey of e-cigarette vaping. The starter kit batteries and cartomizers included in this kit are high quality. But they have lower capacity than other more expensive kits. Every solo starter kits comes with 1 automatic e-cig battery, 2 tobacco or menthol flavoured cartomizer and a USB charger.

The V3i kits are great for beginner and professional vapers alike. V3i Kits are further subdivided depending on the content of the kit. The kit contains V3i batteries and clearomizer that offers balance between performance and price. VGO2 AND EGO Starter Kits contain upgraded batteries that offer reliable and efficient performance.

Finally, JAC 510 Twist and VGO2 VV (Variable voltage) starter kits offer more power and flexibility in vaping. Variable voltage means that you can customize the voltage to suit your vaping needs. In addition, you can also adjust the resistance of the coil to experience pure taste from the e-cigarette. The JAC 510 Twist VV kit comes with 2 automatic or manual Twist batteries (400mAh to 900mAh), 1 EVod 2 tank, 1 spare dual coil and wick, 1 wall charger and a carrying case.

VGO2 VV kits contain similar items to JAC 510 Twist VV kit but with a slight difference. It comes with a Crystal tank and VGO 2 battery rather than EVOD2 tank and Twist batteries. In addition, the VGO2 VV kit contains a USB charger rather than a wall charger.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and forward-looking, then the Vapour Clear Stream range is definitely worth a look. The range is predicated on the fact that the liquid produced no or at most minimal amounts of vapour, which will doubtless appeal to those who are looking to be more discreet with their vaping. Liquids in the Clear Stream range are offered in a choice of 6 different flavours, with honourable mention going to Menthol, which had a fresh, icy taste which lasted very impressively. Worth mentioning too is the fact that the liquids also yield a very decent throat hit, which is quite a feat for an e-liquid that doesn’t yield vapour.

Battery and charging

The Series-B Tilt is powered by a replaceable 18650 high-drain rechargeable battery, giving up to 40 watts and resistance range of 0.2Ohm – 3.0Ohm. The device is charged directly without battery needing to be detached from the unit or tank, and this is a welcome change. Series-B battery life depends mainly on the kind of atomiser you use (and of course how often you puff) though I am so far impressed both with short recharge time (two hours or so) and battery life (I’m getting two full days of battery usage with my Series-B attached to a Kanger Subtank Plus with 1.2 Ohm OCC atomiser, and one and a half full days with a rebuildable RBA 1.2 Ohm coil, both with fairly continuous use).

Power Control

The Series B lets you control both voltage and wattage of your device through the three buttons built into the unit. 3 clicks on the power button switches from VV to VW) while the plus/minus buttons increase or decrease voltage or wattage.

Vapour and Flavour

The Series-B is not really designed for use with regular off-the-shelf clearomisers, though some may work reasonably well for a while at least. I attached my Series-B to a Protank 3 tank with a 2.2 OhM atomiser installed and got fairly good results at 4 Volts, though flavour and vapour production really only excel with rebuildable tank units that have coils/wicks that have enough surface area to pump out vapour. Because of the finer (lower resistance) coils that come with many pre-built tanks, there is a danger of burnout if voltage/wattage is too high.

Shipping & Warranty

Chargers and batteries are guaranteed for at least 42, with a 14-day returns policy and if there is a fault within this period, the customer will get a replacement. Order of more than £50 in value are eligible for free shipping in the UK, and typically take up to 4 days. International deliveries over 80 Euros and eligible for free shipping in the EU, and orders of over $150 can be shipped free to the US. For the rest of the world, you’ll need to spend over £80 (after all discounts have been applied) to be eligible for free delivery.

Due to extensive range of flavoursome e-cig flavours, excellent battery performance, and the quality of vapour production, we have no qualms in rating JAC Vapour e-cigarettes as a “Done Deal”.

JAC Vapour e-cigarettes offer excellent performance. It offers the perfect balance between price and performance.

JAC Vapour offers the best e-cigarettes in the UK that have become extremely popular in the e-cig vaping community in a short span of time. If you want to enjoy ultimate taste in e-cig vaping with deep throat hit, you can count on JAC Vapour e-cigs to satisfy you with ease.

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