How to Lose Belly Fat – Steps to Burn Stomach Fat

Do you want to quickly and efficiently learn how to lose stomach fat? Well, you have to remember one thing. Stomach fat tends to be one of the hardest places to burn fat because that is one of the main places where it tends to accumulate. The thing you want to do is to burn this right? Well you can do so and start today!

1. Set realistic fat loss goals.

Remember, the key on how to lose stomach fat fast is to understand it is a process, and not a quick fix sprint. That means patience. It is a marathon not a sprint, but you will get there quicker than you think if you keep a focused mindset. Expect fat loss at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week maximum. Yes, fat will be extracted from your whole body including the belly fat you desperately want to shed.

Part of your goal setting process is to develop a weight loss success mindset. This mindset is about thinking lifestyle change, and long term, not quick fix. If you want to keep your abdominal fat off, you must continue eating a healthy minded, calorie aware diet for the rest of your life. Most dieters don’t really understand this simple concept.

2. Begin an effective physical fitness program.

One of the success traits on how to lose stomach fat is to follow a consistent, long term fat loss exercise program.

The best fat burning fitness program is one that is comprised of cardiovascular, strength, and a flexibility component. In order to burn fat fast you need all three. One of the benefits of weight loss exercise is to burn off some of the 3500 calories that equals a pound of fat.

Fat loss exercise program guidelines include doing cardiovascular work 3 -5 times a week, and strength training work twice a week. This can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 plus hours each week, depending upon the intensity of exercise.

3. Reduce your calories by 500 each day.

Another important tip on how to lose stomach fat is to be aware of what you are putting into your mouth. I always recommend keeping a food journal so you realize exactly how calorie dense the foods you eat really are. Portion size is another big culprit of obesity you must keep a close eye on. How large are your potions? Bigger portions equal more calories!

Ask yourself where you can reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories each day. There are foods, and portions you are eating that will easily help you obtain this goal.

If you want to utilize one of the success secrets on how to lose stomach fat fast, then you will be aware of the calories you put into your mouth on a daily basis.

4. Stay consistent as you reach your weight loss goals.

Remember, how to lose stomach fat fast is a process which requires patience, and consistency. Set mini-goals which leads to your ultimate fat loss goal.

5. No More Extra Salt

Have you ever noticed that stomach fat is extra jiggly? Most of that is water retention. Salt is one of the main reasons why our body hold in water. If you cut your salt intake as much as possible you will see faster results.

You will be able to get that lean stomach that you have always wanted.


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