Firm And Flatten Your Abs Ebook Review – David Grisaffi Scam?

Firm And Flatten Your AbsIf you are overweight, the first thing you might want to lose is the layer of fat in your stomach. A flat and well-toned abs is indeed something that men and women want and there are indeed exercises that will help you firm and flatten your abs. The Firm and Flatten Your Abs ebook is an online program for people who wish to lose belly fat and flatten their stomach. It is a diet and fitness plan which was created by David Grisaffi, an expert in various fields which include physical training, nutrition, gait and posture analysis, functional fitness, and so on. 

This is why the Firm and Flatten Your Abs program is not like othe abs programs. It focuses a lot about how to train in the best way to avoid back pain, increase core strength, and develop functional mobility. In so doing, you will also build lean muscle tissue, burn fat, and get long and sleek muscle growth. 

David points out that most people want to immediately focus on trying to get flat abs by spot reducing the lower abdominals when the problem in that area may be excess fat and/or digestive problems. In his book he outlines 2 easy assessments to discover the level of your conditioning in your upper and lower abdominal areas. Then you can see the difference between the two and know which exercises to utilize to get the most out of his program. 

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David’s program is core focused. You not only train your muscular system, but also your nervous system. He believes this may well be the secret to getting the most out of your workout program and alleviating back pain and getting those elusive flat abs. And get this…no sit ups or crunches. 

The different levels of exercise are great and the photos are wonderful for helping you get the correct positioning. I like to get right to the meat of a subject, which in this case would be exercising, so my only pan on the book is that he gives a lot of very good in depth information that could seem like too much to read. Overall it’s informative, well written and will definitely help you get flat abs, if you follow the instructions. 

Firm And Flatten Your Abs eBook does not require any ab rollers, infomercial abdominal machines, repetitions of floor crunches, starvation diets or fat burning pills. The techniques used are claimed to be proven and tested in sports training and the rehabilitation world for years. The program starts of with precision muscle testing and evaluation so it can be determined beforehand what the current state of a person’s abdominal strength is before moving on to specific targeted exercises. 

David Grisaffi who specializes in exercise and strength coaching is the developer of this program. He is also a personal trainer who has worked with a wide variety of people from housewives to professional boxers. His background speaks for itself as he is one of only thirty seven trainers in the United States that holds certain credentials. Firm And Flatten Your Abs is presented in the form of a 180 page eBook which include about 125 photographs therefore allowing a person not only to read about specific exercises but also see what needs to be done. The program includes seven workout levels from beginner to expert and a very nice feature of the program is the fact that there are 44 exercises to choose from which means a person will never get bored with complacency. Several bonuses including “Modern Diet Secrets Revealed” are included in the eBook package. 

Overall, David Grisaffi has created an excellent program for people who wish to get flat abs. It is especially good for people who have back problems and still want to flatten their stomach. 

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