Yuri Elkaim’s Eating For Energy Review

Eating For EnergyLosing weight is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of discipline and willpower to resist all the delicious foods around us. Thanks to the amazing Healthy Eating For Energy Book, you can now learn how to lose weight and how to boost your energy levels at the same time.

The author of Healthy Eating For Energy eBook is Yuri Elkaim and he has helped thousands of people around the globe when it comes to losing weight. He has inspired a lot of people as well when it comes to boosting their energy levels and helped a lot of people become more prepared in facing their everyday lives with so much energy and positivity.

Eating For Energy diet is a raw food lifestyle diet that will show you step-by-step the secrets to diet and losing weight, having more energy, looking younger, and also reclaiming your health. In fact, The Eating For Energy program will teach you the strategies you can use to lose weight, keep your body energized and as healthy as possible.

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Yuri creator Eating For Energy e-book has been training specialties include core conditioning, full-body functional, sport-specific, weight loss focused circuit, muscle building, strength and power training, group training, and prefab. His nutritional approach revolves around alkalizing and energizing the body through living, fresh, and enzyme-rich foods.

In fact, Yuri believes that most (if not all) ailments can be prevented and/or healed through the application of this philosophy. So, Before founding Eating For Energy recipes, Yuri enjoyed playing professional soccer for three years, in Canada (CA) with the Toronto Lynx (USL/A-League) and in France with Lille OSC (1st division).

Eating for Energy is a most comprehensive, 360-page downloadable book, unlike any other fitness and weight loss programs seen today. Eating for Energy is different because it is specifically designed for“ALL- ROUND”health and well-being. The program involves a‘2-way’action plan to achieve this:

Nutrition & Diets – Eating for Energy program strictly and specifically includes an all-raw, (total vegetarian) diet that is natural and environment-friendly. This diet includes lots of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts. The program’s ‘Nutrition and Diet’ section’ offers several recipes; 12 Super Foods recommended for daily consumption; a 12-week Meal Plan; a Juice and Smoothie Guide; and more.

Exercise Program – Eating for Energy has a special‘exercise section’ which describes the importance of exercises; what food should be eaten pre and post-workout; tips for staying hydrated; and more.

The Eating For Energy System is a step-by-step guide about the food that we eat, how it works in the body and how it affects energy levels. All the information you’ll ever need to teach you create tremendous health, melt away body fat permanently, and feel more energized than ever before!

If you want to build amazing health, permanently reduce body fat, if you are looking for more information about raw foods diets and want to learn how to transition successfully to such a diet, then you should definitely consider purchasing Eating for Energy!

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