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Warp Speed Fat LossIf you are not satisfied with your current weight loss program that offers you two pounds of weight loss every week, then you must try Warp Speed Fat Loss! Warp Speed Fat Loss System is a guide that is guaranteed to make a difference in your quest to losing extra weight. This was specifically written for people who are in desperate need to shed off some pounds.

Warp Speed Fat Loss is a diet and fitness program created by Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell. The purpose of the program is to help people lose weight in the fastest way possible by combining the 2 necessary aspects to weight loss: a sensible eating plan and a fat loss focuses workout program.

Warp Speed Fat Loss brings together the combined knowledge of famous trainer Alwyn Cosgrove whose writing has appeared in numerous publications and books, and who is a personal trainer of great fame, and that of nutrition expert Mike Roussell who has also written extensively on his expertise. Rarely do 2 such formidable experts come together and share, in a single program, their wisdom.

Warp Speed Fat Loss used various techniques, including cardio training, weight training, and fat burning exercises that boost metabolism and help your body burn calories fast. It also varies your diet so you aren’t always on a no-carb or no-fat diet. It includes 24 workouts and 28 meal plans to help you lose fat in a short amount of time. Best results are achieved by following the prescribed plan to a tee.

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First off, they believe that food timing combined with exercise leads to better results than traditional weight loss solutions. The diet is reliant on a low calorie diet and the exercise portion relies on interval training which focuses on your body losing fat, not only water weight, nor muscle.

Aside from the specific meal plans, there is also a workout program, which is essential in rapid weight loss diet to prevent muscle loss. It tells you the exact exercises to do each week, including when and how long. There are pictures and descriptions of the exercises in an exercise library section, so you know exactly what to do.

The workouts are divided into strength training days and cardio days with an appendage for ab work. The strength training portion is broken into three sections: heavy lifting, intermediate lifting and lighter lifting. They emphasize the importance of maintaining muscle mass during a fat loss program, and how it is better accomplished with heavy loads and fewer reps – at least at the beginning of the workout.

If you want to lose precious inches around your waist or drop body fat quickly, you will enjoy following a program like this for the visible changes you’ll see. The Warp Speed Fat Loss System contains:

- A fat burning manual, videos, and audio programs

- Warp Speed Fat Loss Workout Sheet

- 28Days of Delicious Done-For-You Meal Plans

- Warp Speed Fat Loss Exercise Library (Images included)

- Targeted Fat Loss Cardio and Interval Fat Loss Audio Coaching

- Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet Primer Video

- Warp Speed Fat Loss Personalization Video

BONUS: The Great Unveiling Rapid 6 Day Weight Reduction Protocol

BONUS: Ripped Ready Abs Routine

If you are someone who has already tried to lose fat by changing your diet and increasing your exercise routines, but you have not seen effective results, you should take a look at the Warp Speed Fat Loss system. It did not require me to buy any expensive pills and supplements, and is a 100% natural fat loss method.

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