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Total Wellness CleanseIf you are looking to detox your entire body naturally, the Total Wellness Cleanse detox program is the perfect fit for you. This is nothing like any other detox and weight loss program you have tried. In fact, it is the most complete colon, liver, and total body detox program I’ve ever seen. During the 30 days of this program, you will experience serious changes physically and mentally while losing weight at the same time. You will also discover that it is not your fault that you are fat, and how to treat this problem from the roots.

This program was put together by Yuri Elkaim, a certified and experienced nutritionist. What Mr. Elkaim has put together is an easy to follow detox system without the use of any pills or anything else unnatural. The book is broken down into detailed chapters, giving you all the info you need to thoroughly cleanse your body. Some of the chapters in this book include:

-Cleanse Introduction
-Fundamentals of Digestion
-Fundamentals of Detoxification
-Guide to Assessing Your personal Health’
-Eternal Health – The 4 Elements Cells Have to Thrive
-Helpful Detoxifiers
-Cleanse Food Guide
-and a lot more chapters

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In the first two weeks of the program you will:

Get your body cleansed of the foreign toxins.
Get your body ready to do without sugar, caffeine and candy.
Get used to eating more fresh fruits which will include lots of berries which are loaded with anti oxidants.
Get your body back to a complete restoration of the natural acid alkaline balance.

Then in the second phase of this program you will learn about the changes you need to make to incorporate all of the first part of the program into your daily routine.

The second part is much really pretty simple. You’ll start to use the changes from phase one on a daily basis in your personal life. Now to keep you on track you will have daily support from holistic nutrition experts who will help to keep you moving in the right direction. You are going to be shown how to find foods in you local grocery that will be satisfying and appealing. You’ll get a great recipe book that uses non-sweet fruits, lots of vegetables and non-glutenous grains. You’ll get the benefits of a clean efficient digestive system that is able to absorb nutrients much more effectively. You will wake up in the morning with lots of energy and feel like you are ready to face the world after a good night’s rest.

If you are looking for the safest and natural ways to detoxify your body at home, the Total Wellness Cleanse program is the perfect fit for you and your family. This program provides the best information which helps you understand how the whole system works and prevent dangerous diseases from attacking your body. This program can really help you change your life around. This is the most complete cleanse and detox program that I have seen to help you lose weight, feel lighter, have more energy, better skin and just enjoy overall optimal health.

Click to Download the Total Wellness Cleanse Free Ebook


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