The Eat Stop Eat Diet Review – Scam or Not?

Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat: A Guide To Intermittent Fasting! Intermittent fasting has existed for a very long time. In fact, fasting has its own special place in many religions as well. How does Eat Stop Eat fit into all this? Basically, the ESE diet is simply a flexible diet system that breaks all myths about the “eat 6 meals a day every 2 to 3 hours” theory once and for all. The rule to eat 5 to 6 meals a day was usually followed by bodybuilders who apparently had to eat a lot just to maintain their muscle. Since they couldn’t manage to eat up all those calories in three sittings, they decided to split it up at 5 to 6 sittings. The health and fitness industry took advantage of this system by making a rule that the only way to lose fat fast is by eating frequently or your body falls into what is called “the starvation mode”.

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Traditional diets is usually works by controlling the types of food intake to reduce fat. by doing so,it will slow down your body’s metabolism. In order to maintain your weight, you must continue to control the types of food intake in following time. in which case, losing weight can not be out of your life and it will become a nightmare in your life. Eat Stop Eat will be a different way from normal weight-loss, it will not rebound, only one day a week indigestion. if you persevered, not only can achieve an effective goal, you can also make your body more healthy.

Eat Stop Eat is a new approach that breaks this theory by stating that there is no such thing as starvation mode. Fasting for 24 hours gives your body the break required to accelerate fat loss. Consider the following calculation: You need to burn 3500 calories every week to safely burn 1 to 2 lbs of pure fat. You fast for 24 hours, 2 days a week and you just saved yourself 3400 to 3600 calories! In order to make Eat Stop Eat work towards accelerating fat loss, all you have to do is follow intense resistance training workouts at least 3 days a week.

In addition, there are many tips should be mentioned: First of all, such a method does not fit everyone. If you are pregnant or have any diseases (diabetes, heart attacks), you do not fit this program. so before you start, you shonld go to doctor and have a physical check-up and make sure your body is suitable for the Eat Stop Eat.

As long as you follow the diet strategy properly, which is very simple to do, you WILL lose weight. Brad Pilon has researched this system extensively and has produced it very simple to understand and follow. If you have enjoyed this Eat Stop Eat review and want to lose weight without having to be starving then we highly recommend you check out Eat Stop Eat today.

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