Fat Loss Secret – Secrets Revealed to Help You Lose Weight

Losing those annoying fats can make you feel so disappointed and annoyed. Fat loss secret really has its two dark sides for people who are fat. First is dropping those extra pounds, which by the way is very hard and the second is the maintenance stage. No matter what it may be, as long as you want to have that sexy body, you would do whatever what just to achieve it. Here are my fat loss secret tips for you to follow to get that desired body you want.

Secret #1: When you begin a weight management plan, goals are great to aspire to, but they have to be sensible. The number one secret is to incorporate a list of fat burning foods into your diet. Food does not actually burn your fat, but the properties of the food can hydrate your body, which fights fat cells and cellulite. Hydrating the body with nutritional foods can repair cell damage, strengthen blood vessels and encourage development of production tissue. In addition, eating foods that keep you full for longer, such as fiber, can reduce your overall caloric intake.

Secret #2: The number two secret is to create a workout plan that allows you to lose fat, but not lean muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, and fat doesn’t burn calories – muscles do. The more muscles you have, the more calories are burned. For this top fat loss secret, incorporate intense weight training into your weight management plan to build muscle. It’s a myth that you can burn fat when you use a lighter weight for more reps. And cardio is not always the answer to this top fat loss secret. Overdoing cardio exercises will break down your lean muscle tissue, so you need to do cardio in intervals – high intensity and low intensity. You can burn calories by cleaning your house, swimming, running or even cycling. Aim to 30 minutes a day. It’s simple – burn more calories than you eat, and you’ll lose fat. Stop choosing the closest park space and get that body moving!

Secret #3: You will not like the third secret, but it is true and will help you permanently achieve your goals. This fat loss secret involves a little introspection. Just like credit card debt, you can’t expect to have results overnight. You didn’t get that beer belly or those cottage cheese thighs overnight. This third secret is really not a secret at all. It’s just you facing reality. In time, your body will improve and you can sink yourself back into those ’skinny’ jeans.

Secret #4: Unlike the previous secret, you will like this one – eat more in order to lose fat. Of course, there’s a trick though! You have to eat the right foods. Eat small meals preferably every 3 hours. Your body won’t go hungry and your muscles will be smiling. Don’t starve yourself or count ‘points’ to lose fat. A low-carbohydrate menu is best to shed pounds of fat. The body burns energy from carbs first, then fat and protein. Under 100 grams of carbs a day is low-carb, so shoot for 50 grams. It will take your body a few days to get adjusted, but then the fat will be consumed first.

Secret #5: It may be a simple idea, but most people do not do it. The last fat loss secret is to eat healthy. A realistic weight management plan helps your body, not your cravings. Eat what satisfies your body. As mentioned above, carbs need to be eaten in moderation. When you eat too many carbs, your body stores it as fat. Fruit is great for you, but if you eat too many pieces of fruit, your body will convert it to fat. It’s best to eat after a workout. Vegetables fill you up without causing you to gain weight. Eat protein daily to build and maintain muscle tissue. Eggs, fish, poultry and lean red meat are great sources. Eliminate junk food and trans fat. Lastly, drink water like you’re a fish, which keeps you full and minimizes your calorie intake.


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