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Every Other Day DietJon Benson’s Every Other Day Diet(EODD) has been used by tens of thousands of men and women from all around the world. While not diet plan works for 100% of the people it is clear by the many Every Other Day Diet reviews and testimonials I’ve read that this program does work for many people and that it offers a unique way to shed unwanted fat off your body.

The Every Other Day Diet plan is created by Jon Benson who asserts that the plan gives the dieter freedom from calorie counting diets of the past. Essentially, the Every Other Day Diet allows the dieter to eat high protein containing foods on one day and to alternate the diet with some of his or her favorite foods the next day, hence the name of the Every Other Day Diet. Dieters are expected to feel like they are dieting “every other day.”

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The fundamental core of the Every Other Day Diet is based on how humans ate food before they began to process it for themselves. The book will teach you how to naturally lose weight by using your body’s normal food processing patterns. It explains how your body was originally programmed to eat, and how modern food schedules are so far from that original model that it is nearly impossible to keep from gaining weight.

The Every Other Diet is Divided into “Burn days” and “Feed days”.

Burn days: These are the days where you consume fewer calories than your body requires, one half to two thirds of your baseline maintenance caloric intake, to be exact. On these days you eat low calorie foods, veggies and other fiber rich offerings, as well as plenty of lean protein.

Feed days: On these days, you are allowed to enjoy your favorite foods, within the plan’s guidelines, of course (you can eat pizza). You’ll consume more calories than you need, as much as one and a half times your baseline of calories. Desserts are also allowed, believe it or not..

A typical day consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner and an evening “detox meal.”

A once-daily snack is also permitted between lunch and dinner on “burn” days.

Unlike most diets that rely on heavy caloric restrictions to burn fat, this program actually encourages you to eat what you want every other day!

This diet is a good choice if you want to lose weight fast, and do it in a healthy fashion. The diet promises that you can lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days, which makes it an ideal choice if you want to get skinnier for a special event, or want to kick-start a long term weight loss program.

All in all, Every Other Day Diet(EODD) is an excellent program for people who hate diets. Jon Benson gives tremendous support so you have someone to lean on. If you are willing to stick with the system, you will enjoy the benefits listed above and lose weight. Since most people have already tried traditional dieting already, the EODD could be the answer to their weight loss goals. It is a highly recommended program for men and women who wish to get leaner.

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