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Eating For EnergyEating for Energy is a diet plan that is based upon the increasingly popular raw foods diet. Thepremise behind eating raw is that a diet full of raw foods is rich in enzymes, life energy,disease-preventing phytonutrients, and provides tremendous amounts of alkalinity to your body.These are elements that your body naturally craves and thrives on. Raw food, as its name implies, has never been cooked above 180 degrees fahrenheit, since raw foodists believe that cooking food changes the chemical structure of the food thereby rendering it less healthy. By eating raw, you preserve the living elements in the food and gain energy from by eating it in this uncooked form.

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The Eating for Energy program was created by all-rounder, Yuri Elkaim – a raw food specialist, nutritionist, personal trainer, motivational speaker and Kinesiologist. A raw food diet has been medically proved to be rich in disease-preventing phytonutrients; enzymes; life energy; and a provider of substantial amounts of alkalinity to your body. Elements such as these are what your body thrives on and is ever hungry for. These are facts that most doctors, fitness experts, and self-claimed “expert dieticians” won’t tell you … but Eating for Energy will. The book contains 120 raw foods recipes, a 12-week meal plan, a smoothie and juice guide, a section for athletes, and some other nutritional suggestions for a healthy living. All the recipes of this book are easy to cook and delicious.

You will definitely lose your weight without wrecking your metabolism. You will have boundless energy, glowing beauty, and an incredible life-long health. You will look younger with a healthy skin. The diet even has the potential to slow down your aging process. You can eat raw foods as much as you want because they will not make you fat. This diet will also help you to overcome your bad food cravings. This guide is for anyone that wants to lose fat and also have more energy by eating foods that deliver high quality nutrition as a result of how they are prepared. It’s a diet solution that anybody can follow and enjoy without the need to spend a fortune on expensive supplements. Many people will already have most of the foods recommended in this guide in their kitchen. Even if you don’t, you can pick them up at your local store and they aren’t prohibitively expensive either. As this guide focuses on eating the best foods for fat burning, it’s a nice and steady weight loss program as oppose to something that is intense. Eating For Energy Review

If you’re looking for an easy, proven method to eat healthy and improve your health and weight, you will enjoy this book. I believe that this program is worth reading and using even if it’s not for the rest of your life. You may find that this kind of eating plan actually suits you and that you enjoy it far more than you would have believed beforehand. The program is detailed, interesting to read, may be a touch over scientific at times, but overall provides great value for any health conscious person.

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