Eat Stop Eat Review – Does Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat Work?

Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat is a revolutionary new weight loss book by nutritionist, Brad Pilon. It centers on intermittent fasting, moderate weight training to build lean muscle tissue and naturally increase your metabolism, and increasing daily physical activity. Eat Stop Eat is NOT a fad diet, nor a quick weight loss scam. It advocates making positive nutritional and activity changes that you can maintain for life.

Brad Pilon “created Eat Stop Eat to be an “ANTI-DIET” for people that are sick and tired of trying to measure out and eat 6 small meals per day. If you are frustrated and overwhelmed by trying to follow the rules of “bodybuilder style nutrition”, then Eat Stop Eat is for you.” He states that short term fasting is scientifically proven to increase the activity of fat burning enzymes.

Brad has spent his life studying nutrition and weight loss. He has an honours degree in nutrition. After leaving uni he started working in the weight loss industry so he has intimate knowledge of how the industry works. He has travelled the world in his work looking for new solutions to obesity and has met some of the worlds greatest minds in nutrition and weight loss.,and was fortunate enough to have access to state of the art equipment with which he was able to conduct multiple body composition tests on numerous athletes and top level bodybuilders and monitor them while they dieted and tried new experimental weight loss programs. Eat Stop Eat is actually all the research from the scientific reviews he completed in graduate school.

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Eat Stop Eat is a weight loss method which is based on intermittent, flexible fasting periods of 1 day along with a routine of strength exercises, be it weight training or body weight workouts. Flexible fasting means that you don’t need to follow a strict timetable for when to fast. You just need to do it once or twice a week (twice is for advanced users, really). The fasting helps you cleanse your body and create a calorie deficit.

In order to lose weight and fat without losing muscle mass, the reader has to fast twice per week and follow a simple weight training program. The whole deal is actually pretty interesting and attractive because you are allowed to eat anything you want, fast two days per week and train a little – which is both good and effective. You practically avoid all confusing schemes and you can keep eating the things you like.

The fasting routine of two days per week is something that prevents the body from getting into a starvation mode. The goal here is to lose fat without losing muscle mass and the Eat Stop Eat program is based on this principle; it aims at increasing the metabolism by increasing the production of human growth hormone, which is one of the best and most effective fat burners in our bodies.

Here are some of the benefits of this system:

- Short duration fasting helps cleanse and detox the body
- As per research short duration fasting helps in secretion of more fat burning hormones
- With short duration fast a calorie deficit is created which is the basis of fat loss.
- The weight training in this program helps in developing lean muscle mass

Eat Stop Eat is a bit controversial. The plan requires intermittent fasting. What this means is that you need to go one a liquid fast for one day each week. At first, this isn’t such an easy thing, but you will soon get used to it. The fasting has several benefits: it cleanses the body, it helps to give you a slight metabolic boost, and it increases energy levels and clarity.

Other than that, the eating plan is very loose and free. You can basically eat whatever you want on those other days (with moderation, of course). Even though it claims to be, this product may not be for everyone. While some people find it incredibly simple to fast, others will have a hard time with it. Of course, if you have any medical conditions, you should always check with your doctor before you begin a fat loss program like this. Now, if you don’t mind the idea of fasting two days a week, Eat Stop Eat is probably a good solution for you. If you follow the program, i believe Eat Stop Eat is a viable program which can help you to lose weight. I believe that it’s worth a try.

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