Dr Suzanne Gudakunst’s Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

Top Secret Fat Loss SecretIf you have tried many weight loss programs before but still find yourself with bulges all over your body, then there is one weight loss technique that you should try. If you are among the countless individuals who would like to learn what the
secrets are of being able to lose weight, it is finally a possibility that can
be found in the book Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst believes that internal parasites are keeping many people from losing weight and achieving their ideal bodies and many people swear that Dr. Gudakunst’s technique works.

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Diet takes an entirely different perspective: The reason people are fat is because there is a buildup of plaque, as well as parasites, in their intestines. By using a detoxification process, the plaque and parasites can be removed from the dieter’s body, enabling the dieter to lose waste, and thus, weight.

The “secrets” revealed in Top Secret Fat Loss Secret are real eye openers about the dangers of the toxic buildup occurring in our bodies from intake of processed, unnatural foods. There is no doubt that her methods work. By relieving your system from all of the “junk” it has accumulated over the years, you will definitely lose several pounds in as quick as one week.

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Here are some of the topics Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Covers:

- What is your metabolic type? Everyone has a unique metabolic type that determines how your body responds to certain foods. It tells you how to work out and what type of foods your body will digest easily, so you can put your metabolism in a higher gear.

- Your colon & liver are full of toxic buildup – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret explains how and tells explains what combination of specials herbs that will clean out your system). She explains that the body builds up fat around the vital organs in to stop more toxins building up; it is a natural protection mechanism. If you have fat around the midsection, buttocks and/or thighs, this is a sign the liver is not working at its best and you have toxins. The theory is, when using the detox diet in the book, the toxins are flushed out along with the stubborn fat.

- Parasites are most likely in you right now – Top Secret Fat Loss Secret gives us information provided by Doctor Suzanne about the parasites that live in our digestive track is shocking and hard to absorb, she goes in detail to explain these parasites and how they can cause us to become sicker and sicker and even shorten our life span.

Dr. Gudakunst’s system will also give you some nutritional guidelines that will help you maintain your ideal weight. She explains the three common metabolic types and helps you figure out which one you are. This is an excellent program for weight loss.

About the Author: Jessie Sanders is a natural foods/healthy living expert. After experiencing drastic health benefits from switching to a natural foods diet 5 years ago, Jessie is motivated to share this health regimen to the world. She recommends Top Secret Fat Loss Secret to anyone looking to clean their body of dangerous toxins, lose weight and achieve optimum health.

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret works for both men and women, as it works the same way for both sexes. I hope this Top Secret Fat Loss Secret review has enlightened you and helps you decide which program is the best for you. Dr. Suzanne believes so much in the success rate of her program, for that reason, she promises every person who try her program 100% iron clad money back guarantee. If in 8 weeks her program doesn’t work, she will give back all of your money, making this program worth to try.

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