7 Minute Diet Review – 7 Minute Diet Jon Benson Scam?

7 Minute DietThe 7 Minute Diet is a new weight loss program co-authored by Jon Benson, creator of the well known Every Other Day Diet, and a well known nutrition expert. Jon Benson creator of the wildly successful Every Other Day Diet has done it again. He has just released his next best seller The 7 Minute Diet. I believe that the 7 Minute Diet can help you burn body fat faster than before. However, it will only work if you also workout regularly.

The 7 Minute Diet is based on Jon’s research for his M. Sc. in Nutritional Science. Jon says that there is a 7 minute period each day that will either direct the body to lose fat or store fat and that there are 21 switches or things that a person can do during that 7 minute period that will cause the body to burn fat from the bodies own stored fat rather than from temporary sources.

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The program teaches 21 “Fat Burning Switches” which can help you burn body fat fast. Each of these switches is a simple lifestyle modification or habit which you can adopt in your day to day routine almost immediately. Most of the Fat Burning Switches deal with nutrition, whether specific food items, nutrients you should be consuming, or eating habits you should be following. Some of these switches are not groundbreaking. For instance, most people know that eating eggs and fiber rich foods can help you get a higher metabolism and burn calories faster. They may also know that these help to suppress your appetite. However, the 7 Minute Diet does explain the “why” behind each switch in detail. This is very helpful as you get into the “mindset” of eating healthy and for fat loss.

Jon Benson has written several best selling books on health and weight loss. His Every Other Day Diet is still a huge seller. Jon is a graduate from MIT in Los Angeles, California and Abilene Christian University, degreed in Human Communications and Philosophical Studies. He is schooled in the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has studied nutrition at Dallas’ famous Cooper Clinic.

The power of the 7 Minute Diet is in its simplicity. Combining the 21 Fat Burning Switches into your daily routine is fairly simple. It will take you minutes each day to do them all. You don’t have to do all of these tips, even a few can prove to be a big help for you, but using more may prove to be more effective.

This diet is for those who would like to reverse their weight gain and lose weight on a monthly basis. It is for busy people who don’t have time for gyms or complicated exercise programs. It also is an excellent choice for anyone who has not been able to lose weight on any kind of diet before. I believe that the 7 Minute Diet can help you burn body fat faster than before. However,  it will only work if you also workout regularly.

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